Tuesday, February 17, 2015

CHAIRS in PAIRS from SOWELL'S         

      A design philosophy at Sowell’s Furniture is:  chairs work well in pairs.  When designing a seating arrangement in a living area, a popular formula used by Sowell’s designers includes:  a sofa; two matching chairs; and a single chair, usually a leather chair and ottoman or recliner.

Whether flanking the fireplace, creating a sitting area in the master bedroom or simply making more seating available in a family room, two chairs with matching fabric definitely make a statement.  The double seating may actually become a focal point of the room, with artwork and accessories positioned amid and surrounding the chairs. When space is an issue, an interesting arrangement is to place the matching chairs side by side to create a “love seat” effect.

Enjoy studying some of the showroom vignettes and begin thinking how you could incorporate some "Chairs in Pairs" in your home or office!
See you at Sowell’s!

All photos are taken in Sowell's showroom.

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